Welcome To Your Untold Stories

Have you ever wondered about activities, the likes, the dislikes of your grandparents, your parents, and others in your family… who was related to whom and so much more?

And, there is no one now who can answer your questions?

The women you see in the photo are my female cousins and the four sisters and one sister-in-law… our mothers and mother-in-law of one of us.

When we cousins get together there are so many questions we have about our parents lives and there are very few answers we have, particularly on what was life like for them for so many of their years.

So that won’t happen for others in the future, this site is committed to encouraging you to get in the habit of pulling out a SmartPhone and start recording… preserving memories… or have someone else record you.  Capture the stories now.. current and past… the younger generation as well as those of us who are now the elders.

Recording on an Audio App or the Video Camera as soon as you start hearing, or seeing, a story you’ll want to remember. Perhaps there is, or will be, someone in your family who will want the information now or in the future.

Today’s stories become Tomorrow’s Memories: Voices Past and Present – Capture and Share Them – Leave Your Legacy
– Tap/Click on GUIDE to Recording  for suggestion and more information.

On the following pages you’ll find how-to, suggestions and examples of different ways of recording and editing.  We encourage you to ask questions of Sheila at Sheila.youruntoldstories@gmail.com