The FUN stories and the Memorable ones past and present
Voices you might want to refer to and share

Capture the Moments Now

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Living and Loving with No Regrets.

Do you ever hear your kids or grandkids or anyone else tell a story you wish you could keep…remember in the future?

Are there stories of things your children did that you’d love their children to hear about?

Do you have your own stories you’d like to share and you think it would be too challenging?

Have you been to family and/or friends gatherings where fun and/or serious stories are being told and suddenly they are gone?

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Why Now?


Have you ever found yourself wondering about things that happened in the past
with your parents?
your children?

Do you wish that you had somehow saved the sound of a loved one’s voice?

Even though I had been recording classes on the phone, it never occurred to me to record my Beloved Sam’s voice. And the sound of his voice became one of the main things I missed after he died 11 years ago.  Thanks to today’s EASY technology I was able to capture his voice from an old video cassette tape.

The how is described in the Free Guide offered below.

What if you could EASILY and spontaneously capture today’s stories as they are being told… in the moment…as well as those people remember from the past?

Well, you CAN.
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