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“Did you ever wish you that you could record some of your stories easily?…” [continued in the audio below. Click/tap on the triangle on the left.]

The above was recorded with the default Voice Memos App on an iPhone. Watch the short video below for the “How to” steps. You can get similar recorders for Android phones in your App store.

• • • • • • • • • •

Click/Tap on the triangle, top left in the image, to watch the video on “How to record on the iPhone using Voice Memos”. To share with others you can upload the recording to DropBox, YouTube, or other locations.

To watch the above video full screen on a computer, click on the icon, or “YouTube”, in lower right corner. To get out of full screen use “escape” in upper left of your keyboard.

I am in the process now of creating a series of tutorials showing how you can use the iMovie App on your iPhone (or similar Android Apps) to create videos from Voice Memos recordings. Adding a photo will have it act as a video that can be uploaded to YouTube.

An example tutorial, which I will be simplifying even more can be seen below:

The resultant video – “Everything” composed and sung my Cecilia St. King, Inner Peace Troubadour:

Record memories. Preserve your legacy. Share the stories with your loved ones. Do it yourself, or get support.

For help in turning your audio recordings on the iPhone (or Android phone) into videos you can upload to iTunes, write to Sheila at sheila.youruntoldstories [at]

Book a complimentary exploratory session by emailing

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